A Welcome Contribution

On a gorgeous sunny day in September, employees at Stantec visited George Pearson Centre as part of their community engagement program. They spent an afternoon at Pearson putting together eight tabletop garden beds for gardeners with disabilities. It was coordinated by DIGA (Disabled Independent Gardeners Association) which has had a long and fruitful relationship with the community gardens at Pearson. Residents living at Pearson were thrilled to see the new garden beds and marvelled at the nice quality materials and solid construction.

Stantec is a giant “design, consulting and engineering services” firm. We think that means they do a lot of the things required to build large structures, just not actually physically build them. Anyway, the table top beds are still standing, which is a good sign!

Stantec employees building tabletop garden beds
Stantec employees building tabletop garden beds

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