Bandwagon enables residents to create music

Many Pearson residents love music as much as anyone. But for some residents, creating their own music is just a dream.  A new machine called the “Bandwagon” came to Pearson for 6 weeks in June.  The shiny red wagon contains recording software, sound processing equipment and a variety of musical instruments.

It opened up a new world for residents, bringing technology and creativity together with interesting and delightful results.  Octogenarian Joyce was able to record her drum beats. Don recorded his first rap song.  And a resident who is rarely verbal found a musical voice through this shiny machine.

The creation of this machine was inspired by a young patient at BC Children’s Hospital, who wrote a song called “The Will To Survive”.  The music therapists at BC Children’s Hospital had the idea to record at bedside, so along with local audio engineer Chris Potter, the Nimbus School of Recording Arts, and with funding from the Music Therapy Ride – they designed the Bandwagon.

Read about the Band Wagon’s visit to Pearson in the VCH newsletter article  “Band Wagon rolls into George Pearson Centre”.

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