It’s Official! Ministry of Health releases announcement

Planning for the site on which Pearson sits has actually been underway for over a year, quietly at first, and slowly gaining momentum.  It has been discussed several times in the past – that the aging building that houses Pearson residents would be demolished and the site redeveloped – but talk had fizzled and Pearson remained.

Home or Hospital Entrance?

This time it looks like it will really happen.  The building is old and one problem crops up after another. Residents share bedrooms and bathrooms and privacy is hard to find – imagine having 30 roommates that you don’t get to choose! It’s designed and run like a hospital – acute care style…which as you can imagine doesn’t merge well with basic human desire for a homelike environment.

In the recent announcement, VCH CEO Dr. Ostrow  says, “The scope of this development is unprecedented for a health authority”.  No kidding – it’s a BIG piece of land for Vancouver. And it’s located in a pretty pricey neighbourhood: Marpole-Oakridge with Cambie St along one side. Some of those 1960’s bungalow-style homes near Pearson have been sold for $2 – $3 million, so that much bigger buildings can be built on several lots.

Pearson residents expect the density on the land to increase. They expect that there will be less Photo Credit: Phil Goodisgreen space – currently Pearson is essentially surrounded by park land. Pearson residents hope that all the good ideas brought forth in consultation will be included in the final action – because so often there’s a lot of talk, but not so much action.

Here’s the news release about the Pearson redevelopment:

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