Ray Stull

Ray StullRay’s Story

I was born in Guelph General Hospital, Ontario, in November 1958. My family has five boys and two girls, with me being the second youngest. I was raised on a dairy farm. In summer time, I used to do a lot of ploughing and working in the fields, getting them ready for sowing in the fall. Back then, I had to work even on holidays. I went to Waterloo Public School, where my brother John and I got a cleaning job. Sometimes at school, I got strapped because I couldn’t absorb my lessons like my peers did. Somehow, teachers always picked on me. I was born with one blind eye.

At the age of seven, I started dressing up as a woman, thinking that I was supposed to be one. My family couldn’t understand me, let alone give me emotional support. One of my brothers dressed me up to see what gave me that idea. They still couldn’t find out. The only time I could dress up like a girl was when the rest of the family went out. Eventually, they took me to a doctor, yet the doctor couldn’t understand the root of my problem. Around Grade 5 or 6, our school got closed down. So we moved to a school that was three or four miles away from the highway.

When I went into Grade 10, the school administrator basically came up to us and said, “If you have a job, go for it.” So, I got a job. My mom hated me for coming home late because of the job. Back then, I was paid $2 per hour. I still remember the hockey games going on between different companies. I was on a winning team four times in a row.

During my stay at the company there, I didn’t feel right doing the job. I worked there for ten years. When I left, I went back to dressing up as a woman. They all cried because they knew they were losing a good worker. My problem was getting the better of me. I went to psychiatrists and doctors. Nothing seemed to help. They put me into hospitals.

Later, I came out to move into an apartment in Ontario. Something happened one day. Two or more robbers came and tied my legs to the top rails of my balcony. They made me undress and urinated on me. They destroyed my favourite chair.

Somehow, I got loose, and ran to a Superstore naked. The clerk phoned the police. However, the thieves got away in a taxi. Eventually, they did get caught. They only had to stay one year in prison.

After that, I moved to Vancouver, but the police were looking for me. They told me to go back to Ontario for the court case, and the crown attorney flew me in a special plane all the way back there. I still had my problem; it never went away.

One day, when I was out on a beach in Vancouver, I looked up into the sky and asked where I was supposed to be, when a little girl came to me. Her mother talked to me about God, and I decided to go to church. I prayed to Jesus Christ for support. The priest hired me to clean the church.

Not long after, I went to find another job, which was working in a restaurant. However, the boss’s wife was coming onto me, so I had to quit. Then, I worked for a while in the Salvation Army, where I helped to pick up clothes. I was getting a lot of money. I met this girl later and we ended up getting married. Even though she was pregnant when she married me, I still treated that kid as my own.

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