John Nyce

John NyceMy Team

They call me every night reminding me of practice, they call me every night to remind me about the tournaments, and they call me every morning to practice each and every move. They are the members of my motorsport team and have been a major part of my life for the last 25 years. Their faces never change and they are my friends. They know my every move and I know theirs like the back of my hand. Every time I am out in a game with them I gain a sense of community and feel a new strength course through my body. These people are my friends and in a way much like a second family. They are my team.

National tournaments are very important to my team and I. Several months before a tournament I meet with the team to discuss our game plan. We discuss our game plan, talk about training, and just joke around. There are two new female players on our team, and I hope to get along with them well.


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