Jane Ashcroft

Jane AshcroftCheerleader

I love gardens. I have one right outside my room that my sister, Linda, gardens for me. I have an owl in my garden. He hoots and keeps the crows off the cherry tree.

Laney is my other sister; she lives in Florida. I am very close to my sisters. I also have one brother, named Bruce. I grew up in West Vancouver, and it was wonderful growing up there. My mother and father were both born in Saskatchewan and they moved to West Vancouver when they were in their late 30s, because they’d decided that they wanted to live in BC. My father was an ophthalmologist; he was a very bright man. My mother was a nurse.

Every summer I would go water skiing with my family at Christina Lake in the Kootenays. It was the most beautiful place in the whole world. When I was fifteen we stopped going because my dad wanted to buy a boat. I really missed Christina Lake.

I painted a picture of that place. It’s on the wall in my room. I like painting; I started it when I was five years old. I always feel great when I paint. I also painted a portrait of my son and stepdaughter when they were children, and that’s on my wall, too.

I was a very bright young person and in school I became a cheerleader for West Van High. Then I continued being a cheerleader when I went to the University of British Columbia (UBC). It was so much fun. I made friends doing that. I can remember some of the cheers, but I can’t do them anymore. I was in the UBC physiotherapy program for two years, but I didn’t finish because I got bored. So, I became a dental assistant for a West Vancouver dentist. I worked for him for many years and I enjoyed that. I was very good at it.

I got married, but I didn’t have a lot of friends-I had a lot of acquaintances, but not a lot of friends. My husband and I moved to Ocean Falls, way up the coast. It was a hole in the wall. I didn’t work when I was in Ocean Falls because I was pregnant. We lived there for two years and then we moved to Prince George, which was almost as bad. I left my husband in Prince George and went back to West Vancouver. It wasn’t a very hard decision to make; Prince George wasn’t a very nice place to live, so I was glad to return to West Vancouver. After I came back I lived with my mother for a long time and continued to be a dental assistant, as I had during my marriage and while I was living in different places.

I gave up my first child for adoption because I’d left my husband. I tried to find my son years later, but I never managed to locate him. I remarried. Les was my second husband and he was a pharmacist. I don’t remember how we met-I think I chased him. We had a son, David, and I gained a stepdaughter, Lisa. Les and I aren’t married anymore.

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