Colwell, Eunice

Eunice ColwellOn My Life

On Family

I was born in Ontario, in Toronto. Ontario was okay. I like British Columbia better. My sons like British Columbia better than Ontario. My kids are the most important thing in life. Tina, Rick and Ray, they’re my daughter and two sons. Tina is tall, she’s just as tall as you are [just under five feet], comes up to your shoulders. She likes skating. Rick’s my son, comes up to my shoulders. Ray comes up to my shoulders, too; he’s my boy. I love my kids. I love Tina, Rick and Ray.

On Media

I like drums; I like listening to them. I listen to the radio all the time. It’s funny sometimes, that’s what makes it good. As for books, I pick up all of them off the shelves, and then put them back down. If it’s funny I laugh, if it’s not I won’t laugh.

On Sports

I like bowling. I sit there and watch it. If they ask me to go bowling I go and help. It’s really good. You get a ball and you throw it and knock down some pins. They got pins down there and they give you the ball. And you throw it down and if you hit them [the pins] you’re lucky and if you don’t hit them you’re not lucky at all. I was part of a bowling team. It was really good. I didn’t like it that much; it was okay, I got on the team anyway. It was for fun, not for championships or anything. I liked it; it was okay. My son was on a bowling team. They both were, Rick and Ray. They liked it. I played baseball when I was younger. I like swimming, when I get to it.

On Living at George Pearson Centre

I’ve been here for about a year. I used to be a waitress. It’s fun sometimes, but not all the time. Well, I have thought about [moving out], but I’m not going to. You think about it but don’t do it. I think it’s nice here. They take me bowling. It’s a nice hospital. I don’t go out much anymore. I stay here and go bowling and stuff like that. The people here are very polite. I have one special volunteer. She comes with me and takes me down [from bed]. Also, my sons come up to visit. Tina comes up when she can, when she’s not working. She works as a waitress, and she bowls once in a while, when she has time. My husband bowls, too.

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