Cathy Walker

Cathy WalkerA Love Story

It was a cold and rainy day when Cathy woke up one morning. She wanted to see her boyfriend, but she had to wait. He was the one who understands Cathy, and he was waiting for her to come by, as well. He was very romantic, and had flowers in his pocket. He had a diamond ring, too, which he’d forgotten to put on her finger!

He had proposed to her at church, with a lot of witnesses. He’d put the ring on top of the flowers and then he’d kneeled and said, “Cathy, will you marry me?”
She said, “Yes, I will, Linus.”
Then Linus brought the ring out-and forgot to put it on Cathy’s finger.
“I’m sorry!” he said, three or four times, “I didn’t want to hurt you!”

He didn’t hurt her. Linus and Cathy were almost engaged, when, thinking that they were having too much fun, the security guard booted them out. They were talking and when they were found, the security guard thought that they were doing something wrong.

Except they weren’t doing anything wrong. Linus told the security guard their story:
“We met in a singles bar
And exchanged phone numbers
And glances.”
The security guard let them go. Linus and Cathy held hands for hours on end.


In the Classified Ads:

One single
That will also
Understand disabled women.
Are you disabled
As you know,
You can’t buy
You must be 43 to 47
And most of all,
No children.
Do you enjoy fishing
Or mating?
Do you have a car
Or truck?
How do you like your steak?
Well done
Or very rare?
Are you a tea
Or coffee teetotaler?
How much
Sugar? Do you
In God?
If so, He’s always in
Your heart,
Your pure heart.
What church do
Go to?
When you
Do you see

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