Allan Pallister

Allan PallisterChildhood Memories

My name is Allan Pallister and I was born in Revelstroke, British Columbia. I enjoy playing the drums, and played them for five to six years. It is through music that my ideas are expressed. I like listening to the Beatles very much, and I also appreciate it when nearby schools come to Pearson and sing songs in a choir or play in an orchestra. Singers like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan captivate me, and I admire both of them.

I love going outside and being with nature. I am very active, and love watching the Canucks play. My favourite colour is red. However, I also enjoy reading, listening to music, and watching TV and movies. I think the Simpsons are hilarious. My favourite movie is “Million Dollar Baby” because it is very intense, but my favourite actor is John Wayne.

When I was fifteen and a half years old I moved to Vancouver to have some operations. During that time, I moved into Pearson. The first time I was here, I thought the people were really old because they were around 65 to 83 years old. Getting used to it really took some time.

I went to the school at Children’s Hospital in the mornings, and came back to Pearson in the evenings. I went to school there until I was 21 years old, learning subjects such as math, science, and social studies. We used to sometimes go to different places as well, such as museums, Stanley Park, and the Vancouver Aquarium. At Pearson we would go to picnics in different parks during the summer.

I remember a time from the Children’s Hospital school when we went out on a big yacht up in Indian Arm and cruised around the harbour. They had members of the BC Lions and the Canucks on that trip. Gene Kiniski the wrestler was also there, as well as members of the Vancouver Blazers team in the World Hockey Association. That’s a great memory of mine.

I also remember how when I first went to school, I would get in a bus station wagon and get driven by a fireman. One time the fireman left my coat on the roof, and it fell off into the middle of the street! That really made me laugh, but we just went back and got it. Back then I was in a manual chair all the time.

I think that throughout the years, I’ve learned to get along with people who looked after me, and I’ve become a better person because of it.


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