Demolition at Pearson

We knew it was coming…we’ve had so many planning meetings and seen so many maps and memos – but it became real when the first Pearson building came down in August. The first buildings were old buildings – the old boiler house, unused sheds, and the old ‘Ward 7’ which had been rented by outside groups for many years.

We had a celebration in June of the ‘launch’ of redevelopment, and to honour the past. The Polio Pavilion was constructed in 1955 as an addition to George Pearson Centre (Pearson Hospital as it was then called) which was built in 1952. This Polio Pavilion became known as Ward 7 and was soon used as a ventilator ward for more than just polio patients. In the 1990s these residents moved into the main Pearson building, and Ward 7 became a rental space to community groups.

We invited some of the past residents of Ward 7 to spend some moments in that space, to remember, and to say goodbye.

GPC’s old Ward 7 – Polio Pavilion – demolished

The old Boiler Stack at GPC


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