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Demolition at Pearson

We knew it was coming…we’ve had so many planning meetings and seen so many maps and memos – but it became real when the first Pearson building came down in August. The first buildings were old buildings – the old … Continue reading

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Modular Housing Springs Up

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Temporary Modular Housing in Marpole

Recently, in late October, the City of Vancouver announced, without consultation, that they would be building temporary modular housing next door to George Pearson Centre, at the corner of Heather and W 59th Ave. The space has been unused lawn … Continue reading

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the Great Pearson Pumpkin

Pearson’s Garden Club grew another giant pumpkin this year. We received the seedlings from a volunteer’s friend and started a friendly plant competition. One pumpkin pulled ahead in the race for biggest size. When harvested, the Great Pearson Pumpkin weighed … Continue reading

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Garden Club season begins

Garden Club is now in it’s 7th full year of happening, and it just keeps getting better and better. Seeds were started indoors at the end of March, and with this warm spring we’re having, we’re transplanting tomatoes already. As … Continue reading

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Federal Candidates visit Resident Council

George Pearson Centre is in a new riding for the 2015 Federal Election. Growth in the City of Vancouver has meant that the City of Vancouver has a new electoral district, increasing its total from five to six. Pearson is … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Pearson Gardens

George Pearson Centre sits on an unusually large site of sprawling lawn, considering the price of real estate in the City of Vancouver. And that will soon change, as land owner Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) recently sold most of the … Continue reading

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Thousand Origami Cranes (Senbazuru 千羽鶴): Good Wishes for all at Pearson

There’s a story about a young Japanese girl who had leukemia. She was two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped about 1 mile from her. This girl started folding origami cranes as per the ancient Japanese story that … Continue reading

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the imPearsonators tackle Movember

Tomorrow is the big day! The imPearsonators will begin cultivating their lip gardens on Movember 1st. Pearson staff, residents and friends of George Pearson Centre have once again joined the fight to improve men’s health through the Movember campaign. You … Continue reading

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A Welcome Contribution

On a gorgeous sunny day in September, employees at Stantec visited George Pearson Centre as part of their community engagement program. They spent an afternoon at Pearson putting together eight tabletop garden beds for gardeners with disabilities. It was coordinated … Continue reading

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